Quantcor Fields of Expertise


Macintosh HD:Users:d:Pictures:Agilent:7500 photos:old:WAD photos - Reiner:ISIS setup w hand:det_hand005.jpgOur team of expert trainers all have extensive prior experience using ICP-MS in industry labs. All hold BS chemistry at minimum and most hold advanced degrees. Our trainers are expert in the use and operation of Agilent ICP-MS hardware (4500/7500/7700 Series) and software (ChemStation and MassHunter).


In addition to ICP-MS training for routine applications such as those found in environmental and foods labs, we also deliver training in the following advanced ICP-MS applications:


·     Semiconductor analysis, including process chemicals, VPD, bulk silicon and ultra trace metals method development 

·     Nuclear applications, including trace radioisotope measurement, impurities in uranium and isotope ratio analysis.

·     Pharmaceutical applications including USP method preparation and pharmaceutical compliance using Agilent’s compliance software products including User Access Control and OpenLab.

·     Direct solids analysis using laser ablation ICP-MS – we have expertise in a wide range of laser ablation systems including CETAC and ESI New Wave, and their interfacing to Agilent ICP-MS.

·     Speciation analysis using both liquid chromatography ICP-MS and gas chromatography ICP-MS using Agilent LC (1100/1200) and GC (6890/7890) systems.

We also offer customized courses tailored to the customer. We are able to deliver advanced courses on every application of ICP-MS as well as advanced tuning and maintenance.


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